Writing is a crazy thing - an otherworldly compulsion I suppose. Since I was old enough to remember, I devoured books, stories and became enchanted with the pictures they created and the wondrous places the authors took me. Imagination and unforgettable characters have made a huge impact on my life.

Born in the Chicago area, I moved to the sunny shores of the Tampa Bay area more years ago than I care to admit. Florida, with it's tropical light and casual living are a never-ending wonder.

Educated at the University of Tampa, I've worked in advertising, marketing, sales, and left the corporate life to pursue this compulsion. My poem, Televised Side Effects, won an International Writers and Editors Award in 2016.

Firewater, a short story set in the old west,  His Viking Bride, a full-length historical romance, and Wicked Wicked Passage, an erotic romance novella, are now available on Amazon

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Write what you know I have a passion for life, for grand love, and have been blessed with the gift of words. I hope my stories reflect those passions, my larger-than-life adventures, and all the memorable people I continue to encounter along the way.

Check back often. When I come up for air from writing, I'll be adding exclusive content, book excerpts and special promotions.

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