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A Brothers in Justice Novel: Volume One

Missouri Territory, 1866.

When Roland Justice can’t collect his monies due from the US Marshals, he’s forced to seek another bounty. The man he finds isn’t exactly the dangerous killer, but a pawn to disguise a conspiracy of pure evil.

Roland trusts the side of truth. Armed with his faithful Winchester, he enlists the only man he believes in—his brother Elliot. Together they face deception with more deception. And selling illegal whiskey is just the beginning.

Firewater is Volume One in the Brothers In Justice Series, a three-volume set. Additional titles include Outlaws (July, 2017) and Redemption (October, 2017).

Olivia Norem fiction   Erotica   Romance

"When a man finds himself caught up in a series of events, and is brought to the very edge of desperation, a man knows there’s only two things he can count on – the speed of his intellect and the speed of his gun hand." -Roland Justice

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